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  Our club is constructed with a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. We are expecting quite a few trips for the year 2006 and are planning them now. We are hoping the club can pay for some of these trips. We are a non-for-profit-organization.  We accept anyone who is willing to come and have fun in the mud, rocks, and hills of the wabash valley. Trucks, Suvs, Jeeps, or that all-wheel-drive car, we dont care as long as we have fun and you do too. So take some time and fill out an application, or you can come to one of our meetings, they are listed here on this site.
Hope to see you soon,
President, Robert Brownson

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Wabash Valley 4Wheelers became about in August 2004. It started with some talking about opening a club and some joking around. Then in September we got the idea to actually start the club and with some research we decided to come up with a name. We started with friends and family, going out and having fun on the weekends. We are now accepting new members. Some of the the we will be doing this year are, trips to offroad parks around the area, 4x4 jamboree in Indianapolis, and some car shows here in town.